Self Portrait

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Myself and Kristen Bauer aka Pam from True Blood. She was super sweet. ♥

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:D Misha Collins aka Castiel from Supernatural and me in my Sith costume. He said I had beautiful eyes, then I gave him an awkward fangirl hug and then he did this. I had no idea he was making this face. I adore this man. ♥

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#sith #starwars #eccc #cosplay #emeraldcitycomiccon

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#eccc #sith #emeraldcitycomiccon #cosplay 

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It’s #sith time #eccc #cosplay #emeraldcitycomiccon 

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Can you tell that I like #doctorwho ? #tardis #whovian #teefury

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Doctor Fiction 

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self portrait from a sort of failed photo shoot. p.s. I’m not flat chested, but my pose makes me look like I am. heh. 

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p.s. I realize my eyebrows don’t look very even in size.. cause I don’t usually pencil them in. =P

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and using my hair as a scarf, because I can… 

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Instagram self pic. Before taking real photos. 

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Self portrait. Special Effects Blood Red dye, natural blonde. 

Self portrait from around Halloween time. Modeling a Lady Moon Designs neck corset.

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Photo of me by IRDeep Photography at Seattle (SEAF) Seduction Halloween Party, October 2012 (I was a featured artist). In my Halloween costume. The thing around my neck was holding my artist badge. 

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3 feet 4 inches, I think this is a record. #longhair #redhair #hair #rapunzel #cousinit

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